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SPP ( SBPP) --- Spunbonded Polypropylene

It is made by reifenhauser double beam spunbond production line, with very good uniformity ,which is consist of continuous filament, with good tensile strength and elongation


A. Standard fabric for basic protective apparel

B. Economy , comfort, and also provides light fluid resistance . 

C. Different colors are available for different requirements . 


In most industry , hygiene and medical fields for basic protection , such as lab coat, coverall, show cover, face mask , Isolation Gowns, Surgical Gowns, surgical caps, patient bed sheet, etc.

SMS ( SMMS ) --- Spunbonded meltblown spunbonded

It is made by Reifenhauser RECOFIL-Ⅲ SMMS production line,with good uniformity and opacity , Spunbond layer is consist of continuous filament, with good tensile strength and elongation, Melt blown layer is consist of continuous micro fiber. 

Specialized sms fabric : 

1. Anti-static SMS fabric (surface resistivity less than 108Ω ) 

2. Medical Repellence(anti-alcohol, anti-blood,anti-oil) grade SMS fabric

3. Anti-mildew and anti-bacterial SMS fabric

4. Extrasoft SMS fabric

5. Hydrophilic SMS fabric


A. Three-ply material with good barrier performance to moisture, bacteria and dust . 

B. High hydro static head and good air permeability, 

C. Anti-acid and anti-alkali

D . Strong, fluid-resistant and great breathable and comfortable 


Widely applys to high class protection area of medical, industrial , laboratory , electronical, pharmaceutical, such as : isolation gowns, patient gowns, lab coats, coveralls, procedure gowns, caps and facemasks., boots covers, aprons, napkins and diapers .

SPP/PE --- Polyethylene Coated Polypropylene

Created when soft, spunbond polypropylene is coated with a layer of impervious polyethylene. 

This lightweight material is ideal for any situation demanding a high level of fluid protection.


A. Have all the characteristic of double-beam spunbond fabric

B. Coated with PE film, has very good waterproof performance and impervious character


Widely used for protection requires high level of fluid resistant area, such as Surgical Gowns, bed sheets, sleeve covers , etc.


Spunlace Non-woven is an environmental friendly fabric. Without additional chemical, Spunlace Non-woven is done by high pressure water entanglement to form all the web.

Features : 

A. Great permeability, absorbent, durable, and lint-free 

B. Material with nice strength, smooth formulation and soft touch . 

C. Easy to sew or wash


Widely applys to different commercial, health care, medical , industrial areas, such as disposable cloth, bed sheet, doctor cap, cooking towel, factory cleaning wipes and other customer goods.

PE --- Polyethylene

Impervious to fluids, polyethylene apparel provides maximum protection cost effectively. Unlike polypropylene, it resembles plastic more than cloth and lacks breathability. Commonly used for brief episodes that require complete fluid protection . 

 LDPE --- is the low density version of PE. It has an excellent resistance to water, moisture and most organic solvents and chemicals (except ones with aromatic or chlorine content). This has less hardness, stiffness and strength compared to HDPE, but a better ductility. 

 HDPE --- is the high density version of PE . It is highly resistant to many acids, alcalis and solvents. 

high density polyethylene, It is harder, stronger and a little heavier than LDPE, but less ductile.

 CPE --- Chlorinated polyethylene . It is a type of polymer, which is prepared from the substitution reaction of polyethylene and chlorine under the action of initiation. The product possesses good weatherproof, oil-proof, aging-resistant, chemical-resistant, ozone-resistant and fire-resistant properties. 

PVC----- polyvinyl chloride, vinyl

It is heavy, stiff, ductile and medium strong amorphous (transparent) material. By adding softeners a range of softer materials can be achieved, ranging from a flexible to an almost rubber-like elastic soft material. It has brilliant resistance to acids and bases, but is affected by some solvents. Soft PVC is exceptionally resistant to most chemicals. It also has good barrier properties to atmospheric gasses. 

PVC / Nylon

Lightweight nylon mesh coated on one side with heavyweight pvc It is excellent tear and abrasion resistance , it is also resistant to most industrial oil, acids and chemicals . It is widely used in application requiring heavy duty protection .


Constructed by permanently bonding a durable 100% urethane laminate surface to a lightweight nylonfabric backing. Apparels made from this fabric are lightweight, extremely durable, long lasting and a great choice for protection from non-hazardous liquid splash. 

201509176357810065584137687170985.jpgSerged Seam
A serged seam joins two pieces of material with a thread stitch that interlocks. This is an economical stitching method for general applications. This stitching method is generally not used for chemical protective clothing. It is more commonly found on limited use clothing where dry particulates are of a concern.

201509176357810139923189635363476.jpgHeat Sealed Seam
A heat sealed seam is sewn and then sealed with a heat activated tape. This method provides liquid proof seams, and is especially useful for Level A and B chemical protective clothing.

201509176357810079002305159850840.jpgSewn and Bound Seam

This seam joins two pieces of material with an overlay of similar material and is chain.stitched through all of the layers for a clean finished edge. This provides increased holdout of liquids and dry particulates.

201509176357810535808272437899591.jpgUltra Sonic Welded Seam

Similar to a bound seam, with additional protection due to the fusing, under heat & pressure, of the material at the seam. No thread (or needle holes) required. Applications: heavy-duty chemical protection.

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